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About Us

About Us:

            In 2004 an idea was born, this idea later got a name “Inter Ceramic”. This name bears the spirit of the trade, which is directed towards import and whole bathroom equipment. In the first year of operation we established manufacturing and import of mixers. This was the beginning.

            A year later with a lot of hard work and teamwork, the small team at “Inter Ceramic” successfully grows, develops new products, expands their distribution network, establishes serious partners and client relations, and creates consumer products with outstanding quality.

            In 2007, the company's growth can be easily seen. A 1000 different companies all around Bulgaria are offering products of “Inter Ceramic” and later in 2010 “Inter Ceramic” expanded into other countries like North Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Moldova and more.

            When establishing “Inter Ceramic”, ground rules were set. Especially that the “Inter Ceramic” only works and delivers to other companies, so called B2B. Til this day this rule still stands!

            Outstanding coordination and creativity of the team allows the company to grow and develop into a tight-knit family with new members with fresh ideas. With this strong foundation the business grows, develops and increases its capacity to achieve greater results.

            Focusing on the ergonomic aspect of the Bathroom, the designers at “Inter Ceramic” achieved optimised functionality, distinguishing features and incredible variety gives results til this day.

            Nomenclature of the company grows with newer and newer products for bathrooms, kitchens and SPA's with innovative features. Thanks to the sustainable concept for customer relations and strict principals, “Inter Ceramic” shapes to be a Family with a bright Future.



            Today our work fills every corner of our exhibition building, offices, warehouses and production bases.

            We produce each product with utmost respect to details, just like the largest companies in the industry.

            The company today is on of the leading companies in Bulgaria while offering the most diverse product range and variety, while having all the products in stock and ready to be delivered.

            Products with innovative design and proven quality is the motto for “Inter Ceramics” brand.

            For years now Designers and Production Managers continue to sell out our products. Following these traditions “Inter Ceramic” shapes the lives of many Families .

            For each product in our range we offer certificates of quality and origin. We use modern equipment and have a specialized service center for the customers. Each product has a determined warranty that ensures and tries to win the trust of the final customers Our own production facilities allow us to develop new products that people are looking for.

            Today the produce with the logo “Inter Ceramic”  embody the perfection up to the last detail. Thanks to out innovation production methods, our products comply with all strict ecologic and other technical certificates. Functionality and efficiency really show with every “Inter Ceramic” product, be it bathroom and wellness, kitchen or spa. All products distinguish themselves with intuitive operation, longevity and reasonable prices.

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